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What is Chiro Strong STL and Why Should You Become Part of Our Family?

Chiro Strong STL is a new style of health care. Not only do we offer customized training and nutrition programs, but we also incorporate chiropractic care into the program. By combining all of these under one roof, we have made a one-stop-shop for total health care. The physical training will keep the body moving, the nutrition will fuel the exercise, and the chiropractic will ensure that the body is operating at an elite level. We are constantly expanding our training capabilities and resources for our clients. 

At Chiro Strong STL, we have found a balance between strength, mobility, nutrition, and Chiropractic care in order to make the best athletes. By looking at the body as not just a series of parts, but as a big picture as well, we are able to unlock weaknesses that may have been hiding. We don’t just put you in front of a set of weights and tell you to pick them up and put them down, we examine the mind and the body in order to create the most appropriate routine. Once we have found your weaknesses in movement and strength, we will then look at your nutrition.

What you put into your body is just as important as what you do with it. By testing for specific IgG food allergies, we can identify common foodssports nutrition that may be bogging down the body and inhibiting performance. Once we get these foods eliminated from the diet, we can start to push past our normal boundaries and get to a new level of health.

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But Why Do We Need To Include Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is quickly becoming a necessity and a standard in professional sports. 32 of the 32 NFL teams, 30 of the 30 MLB teams, and almost all of the NBA teams have chiropractors on staff. This isn’t just because it is trendy to have one, its because they get results. With the average length of DL assignments in the MLB lasting 55 days, players can’t chiropractic side postureafford to get injured. That’s why chiropractic comes into play. By examining and addressing the musculoskeletal system, the chiropractor can identify areas of impaired movement and potential risks for injury. Using varying techniques, the chiropractor will treat the athlete and get them function at peak performance.

What About Athletes Who Are Already Injured?

Chiropractic is an absolute necessity when you are already injured. As an example; pain in the elbow doesn’t always mean that the elbow is hurt. However, your standard health care professional might just give you a pain killer or muscle relaxant for that elbow pain and hope it goes away eventually. As a chiropractor, we will acknowledge that you have pain in the elbow, but we don’t limit our examination to that elbow. We will look at the body as a whole in order to find why the injury occurred as well as the other parts that are contributing to the pain. For instance, issues with the knee painneck will affect the nerves going into the arm and can produce numbness or pain. Additionally, problems with the shoulder blade and thoracic spine could affect the way the arm is moving and as a result, a motion that would normally not produce pain is now producing pain. We then use manual adjustments of the spine as well as the muscle and other soft tissue to restore the natural balance of things. As a result, time spent on the DL decreases and performance quality returns much faster than the traditional model of Ice and Rest.

This All Sounds Great, But What If I’m Not An Athlete?

That’s even better! We don’t limit ourselves to competitive athletes. This type of care is great for the general population and is strongly recommended for anyone at any level of activity. The key to staying healthy is being proactive in your care. It is much easier to fix a problem before barbell deadlift
it starts. As a parent, sibling, relative, or friend, we want to make sure you are able to get through your regular day-to-day without problems, aches, and pains. You will receive the same caliber of care as a professional athlete regardless of what you do.

So What Type of Care Will I Get?

Upon signing up, we will examine the full body for any weaknesses. We will then set you up to have the food allergy test performed on you in order to know what foods you should be avoiding. Results usually come in 5 business days. From there we will use the information from the exam and the blood test to create a nutrition plan as well as an exercise plan that will benefit you the most. Physical exercise includes at-home work as well as an option to have in office training. We will also set up appointments for chiropractic treatment where we will look at the spine and extremities for subluxations and weaknesses. Adjustments and soft tissue mobilization will be used to restore normal balance when necessary.

Our goal is the overall health and well being of everyone in our community. Our mission is to help as many people live happy and healthy lives free of pain and sickness. If after reading this and you like what you see, all I ask is that you share this with someone you care about who may be in need of help, but not sure where to turn. As I have said earlier, its not just care for the sick and injured, its care for everyone. Why not address your problems before they get to the point of no return? Give us a call and set up an appointment. You’ve got nothing to lose, and once we show you how to unlock true health, you will be glad you gave us a try.

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About The Doctor


Our chiropractor and trainer, Dr. John Mischel, is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. His goal is to use exercise as a means of treatment along with traditional chiropractic care. While in school, his focus shifted towards treatment of athletic injuries, which drove him to start towards his Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

Having finished all the course work, he started an internship where he would learn valuable information on how to treat patients and operate an office. After he completed all the requirements for his internship, Dr. Mischel decided it was time to start working and helping people on their road to wellness. His goal is to take what he had learned about rehabilitation of the athlete and apply it to everyday problems which the average person encounters such as pain in the low back, neck, sciatica, shoulder, ankle, wrist, and knee. He also helps with headaches, allergies, heartburn, indigestion, and many other problems. It is his belief that through chiropractic care and proper exercise, he will be able to further improve the health of the patients in order for them to meet and surpass all their health goals.

Dr. Mischel is a St. Louis native, who grew up in Fenton, which is part of the South County area. He attended Southeast Missouri State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology in the spring of 2011. When not at work, Dr.Mischel enjoys the outdoors. Having earned his Eagle Scout award in 2007, Dr. Mischel has continued with his love of camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and float trips on many of the rivers this great state has to offer.

More recently, Dr. Mischel had taken up working with the Sandlot Elite Baseball Training facility in Arnold, Missouri. His role there was to consult on the biomechanics of the athlete, breaking down every motion to its raw form and looking for problems in the movements. He has helped create a swing rehab program that takes athletes from any level and teaches them how to unlock their inner ability.

Currently, Dr. Mischel has entered into group practice at Furjes Chiropractic is St. Charles, Mo where he operates as the clinical director for patient care organizing and directing treatment protocols.

His chiropractic experience involves being a member of the Logan Sports Council which allowed him to work with and treat professional fighters, junior olympians, collegiate athletes, and even helped teach a seminar at the ProSports Chiropractic conference in 2013. Before graduating from Logan, he spent a year working at the Southfield Health Clinic in South County. While there Dr. Mischel treated a range of patients from the ages of 12 years up to 90, all suffering from a variety of complaints. Additionally, Dr. Mischel spent time at the Harris Stowe University campus treating the student athletes.

Dr. Mischel looks forward to the opportunity to work with the St. Louis community as well as people from the surrounding areas.

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